I cannot remember a time in my life where
photography did not capture my interest.
You can say it started with my tour in
Viet Nam. Through the lens of my camera
I saw a different world layed out before me
that words alone cannot describe. My
fascination with film, and capturing images I
never wanted to lose, I knew that this was a
start of a love affair. Experiencing what I had seen
first hand, and being able to transition the
images through film was an inspiration to do
more, and see more.
The birth of my son really took this love for
photography to the next level. There was
not a moment of his life that my wife and I did
not capture his first steps, his falls, the mishaps
that every parent takes a shot of. I know that my
son wishes I did not have the embarrassing pictures
of his mom giving him a bath in the sink. We all
have them.
I switched to digital in 2003 and have never
looked back. The digital era has made my love
for photography really grow and expand my
horizons. More so than I ever thought possible.
I have had numerous commendations throughout
the years, and my work displayed through private
and public venues. My collection is available
online at
Although photography is not a career, it has been
a love and passion in my life, and has brought
me the happiness that most people do not
get to experience in a lifetime.

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